Sunday, March 20, 2005

My very first blog

testing ...testing..123....betui ka aku nak buat blog ni, huh?? macam tak caya plak.....almost everyone that i know has their own blog (err..tak jugak lah ) . including my newly appointed CEO in Santa Clara, US. so, why not give myself a cost me absolutely nothing, btw :) ...ermph...err... for 2nd thought...not really...electricity + access fee frm tmnet...and my sleeping time (btw, 12am-2am is the most convenient moment for me to start 2 wild kids would have asleep and my roomate* - *bini gua daa would hv snoring at this hour....she snores terribly you know :) ...oppss...sorry mate!

nothing much that i wanna share in my very first blog actually....but, really hope i gotta a "guts" to continuously writing & keep it flowing periodically ...seminggu sekali at least, huh??

honestly, i envy those "yuppies" who could writes impeccable english in their blogs. you know....using those kinder weird vocabs like "miff" for slightly angry , "lobotomy" for rare medical operation that cuts brain into parts or "gallivant"that refers to as simple as - TRAVEL! :) that's really motivates me to further enhance my vocabs as much as burning my desire to possess my very own blog.